Sites near Equator – Impact on Performance

Now what to do in case we are planning to install a solar PV rooftop project over a roof that is located near Equator? Let’s understand this with a help of an example.:

Example 1 – Optimum tilt angle for solar PV rooftop project to be installed at a Site near Equator (having Latitude Angle of 1 Degree)

Latitude angle of location is 1 Degree, hence the optimum tilt angle should be around 0-1 Degree as per the thumb rule.

If we place modules at such low tilt angles (i.e. almost flat), our project will experience:

  • Dust accumulation
  • Lower energy generation
  • Development of Hot spots leading to module damage in worst situtaions

Hence, for a better production and life of the project it is recommended to use a minimum of 7 – 10 Degrees of a tilt angle. This will help in natural cleaning of solar PV modules and will increase the performance of the project.

Wrong Selection
Correct Selection

Hence, before selecting or finalizing the tilt angle of your solar PV rooftop project, do consider all these factors and select wisely between the performance and safety criteria.

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