5.34 kWp Solar PV Rooftop Project

  • Installed at Delhi for our commercial client Saraswati Woods Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Commissioned on 23-Jan-2021
  • 12 Nos. of TRINA 445 Wp Half Cut Mono PERC Technology Modules
  • 12 Nos. of Enphase Energy IQ7A Micro Inverters
  • 15 Degree Tilt, True South Azimuth 
  • HDGI structure
  • Module to module earthing using Aluminium lugs 
  • Soil repellant coating on solar PV modules to reduce losses due to heavy dust and soiling
  • Monitoring of each module separately 
  • No DC wiring. No-Risk of Fire
  • Easily expandable in future
  • Monitoring of both generation and consumption of energy
  • Installed with Net Metering Connection from BSES Rajdhani, Delhi
0 kWh
Total Green Energy Generated
Total Savings from Solar Project
0 kg CO2
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