Step 3: Visual inspection of DCDB & ACDB

One of the reason of lower generation can be:

  • Tripping of AC MCB
  • Tripping of DC MCB (If applicable)
  • Blowing of DC Fuse

In case, AC MCB is tripped, Inverter will be powered OFF and will not generate energy. In case, any issue is found in DCDB, it effects input power to the Inverter and results in lower generation.

Tripping of AC MCB at ACDB due to fault.
Photo credits Team Solar Saarthi

If you find any of the above mentioned issues in your ACDB or DCDB, please highlight the same to your EPC partner and get if rectified. If your EPC partner is not active or is not providing after sales service, then try to get it rectified using the help of qualified technician. After rectification, again perform “Step 1” and check whether now your plant’s performance is matching the performance of other neighbouring plants.

If you do not found any of the above mentioned issues in ACDB or DCDB, proceed to “Step 4”.


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