Fronius Grid Connected Solar Inverters

Founded in Austria, Fronius is an international company with a 75 year history in the manufacturing of welding equipment and nearly three decades of experience with Solar Inverters. Fronius launched its first grid-connected solar inverter back in 1995. Since then Fronius has grown to become one of the industry leading solar inverter manufacturers, with subsidiaries in 34 countries and sales partners in over 60 countries.

Fronius India Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Pune is the 20th Subsidiary of Fronius International GmbH.

SolarTech Saarthi Pvt. Ltd. is an authorised Fronius System Partner (FSP). Contact our team for best prices of Fronius Inverters and immediate deliveries to your project site.

Saarthi Fronius

Fronius PRIMO

PRIMO is the single phase series of Fronius inverters.
Fronius PRIMO snap inverters are available with dual MPPT feature.
Power classes: 3 kW - 8.2 kW

Fronius SYMO

SYMO is the three phase series of Fronius Inverters.
Fronius SYMO snap inverters are available with dual MPPT feature.
Power classes: 3 kW - 20 kW

Fronius ECO

Fronius ECO is an economical version of three phase inverters.
Fronius ECO snap inverters available with single MPPT feature.
Power classes: 25 kW & 27 kW

Fronius TAURO

Fronius Tauro is the flexible and robust inverter for commercial photovoltaic systems. The project inverter is available in two versions:

- Pre Combined Version (P - version)
- Direct version (D - version)

Power categories: 50/100 kW

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