Solar PV modules play a very important role in the performance of solar PV rooftop projects. If solar PV modules are not planned or installed properly it will have a direct impact on the safety and performance of the project.

This article will discuss which 5 common mistakes we should avoid while planning and installing solar PV modules on rooftops.

1 – Space between solar PV modules

Adjacent solar PV modules should not be tightly packed. There should always be a small gap between the modules. Usually, 15 – 25 mm gap (sometimes depending on clamp size) is recommended.

In case the modules are tightly packed, then the following issues will occur:

  • Stress on solar PV modules due to contraction and expansion because of temoerature cycles
  • No natural airflow. This will lead to a pressure difference above and beneath the PV module array. This will cause structure failure and performance issues with the project.
Wrong Practice: No space between adjacent solar PV modules
Correct Practice: Space between adjacent solar PV modules

Hence, one should always leave some gap between adjacent solar PV modules.

2 – Stepping on the PV modules

Stepping or sitting on solar PV modules is highly not recommended. If pressure is added over the PV modules, it may damages the cell and cause micro-cracks in the PV module. Once the micro-cracks are developed, they will degrade the power output and the performance of the project will decrease.

Wrong Practice: Stepping of Solar PV Modules

Hence, we should never step on the Solar PV module or put any kind of external pressure


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